Giving wool a

second life

Luxurious quality, sustainable approach.

100% recycled post consumer textile waste

CYCLOPRET is made with 100% recycled post consumer textile waste.

Our lighter weight wool blend fabric collection of tweeds, plain weave, twill and herringbone fabrics is designed for men’s and ladies suits and jackets. Our heavier weight wool blend collection includes plain weave, twill and herringbone fabrics that are excellent for men’s and ladies outerwear and coats.

Our commitment to outstanding quality attracts like-minded designers who want their clothes to benefit from our rich history in upcycling products. With innovation and passion woven into every piece of fabric we bring our experience to the world of modern design. Our most important goal is to ensure beautifully structured garments with quality that never fades and appearance that never dulls.

Environmental Savings


less energy


less water


less waste


less carbon dioxide

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